This is the first focus area for A Beach Somewhere.

Bill is a qualified PADI instructor – he is so keen to show people the amazing underwater world.

Diving is an amazing way to stay fit, and an awesome motivator to be fit – You can reap the rewards straight away, and start living the dream.

A bit nervous or apprehensive about water? – Bill will take you through the process slowly and safely.

Safety is paramount – we are not a diving resort factory. You will get the care and attention required to make you a safe and awesome diver. After your course. Bill will stay in contact with you and help keep you diving, continuing your education. Making you awesome. This is about lifestyles, diving is a lifestyle.

What? Scuba Diving in Melbourne?

Sure, we don’t live in the tropics. Most people only see pictures of tropical diving. And, yes.. Let’s face it, there is nothing nicer than a Cocktail by a warm beach…. Melbourne is one of the best and most underrated diving locations:

  • Not the tropics

Melbourne is not tropical… That means that learning to dive here makes you a great diver. When you go on your holiday to the tropics, you will be the one in perfect control and using less air than the others. You will be the one who the others on the boat will want to team up with.

Also, we do go on many trips to warmer waters – Diving isn’t limited to where you live, you get to travel with us and your mates as well.

  • Is there anything to see?

Yes!! – A lot! Even in little ol’ Port Phillip Bay, there is enough diving here to keep every one happy. From Weedy Sea Dragons to Seals, huge Rays, Octopuses, Sea Horses, Nudibrachs we nearly have it all! OK, we don’t have cute turtles or the tropical fish – that’s because we’re not in the tropics! – The rest of the world’s oceans have marine life as well…

  • Isn’t it cold?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong gear. Yes – we’re not in the tropics… (get the theme?) – The water is cold, but the divers are toasty warm in their dry suits. Most of our beginner lessons are run in the summer, so learn to dive in the winter and have much more personal attention from your instructor Bill. Bill is also an ex-Pom, he knows how amazing that Hot Chocolate is when you get back to dry land – There are tricks to this 🙂

  • What about the Sharks?

We get asked this all of the time….

Sharks are amazing! – There are so few sharks that look at humans as food – the vast majority of shark attacks are on surfers – why? because they look like seals. Divers are covered in wet suit, have large metal tanks strapped to them, and are very noisy blowing bubbles… Have a look at the video below to see what I mean: